Perfect Sundays provides female business owners with high-quality, beautiful and totally unique brand and web design template customization.

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We're a design studio that creates beautiful and strategic brand and web template customization so you get a high-quality stunning, strategic and totally unique brand or website without the price tag of custom design work.

Perfect Sundays provides female business owners with high-quality, beautiful and totally unique brand and web design template customization.


feel proud of your website and brand

Perfect Sundays provides female business owners with high-quality, beautiful and totally unique brand and web design template customization.

Perfect Sundays Mission

It's simple:

We reimagine and recreate your brand and website so it’s infused with your magic, feels aligned with your business and stands out from the crowd. When you have a stunning and strategic brand and website, you’ll attract more quality leads that turn into clients.

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1. Your brand perfectly represents your business' magic, values and unique offerings.

2. You're attracting high quality leads that turn into amazing clients and friends.

3. You're finally able to raise your rates to reflect your premium brand.

4. You feel supported, empowered and confident with your digital marketing.

5. You're able to delegate and release anything outside of your zone of genius.

6. You spend more time working with your clients knowing you have a strategic brand and website that work for you.

Let's make it happen.

Perfect Sundays provides female business owners with high-quality, beautiful and totally unique brand and web design template customization.

Our Unique Process

Powerful strategy that sells

We go a lot deeper than most brand and web designers because we are so much more than a graphic design agency. We provide our clients with expertise in marketing, communications and public relations, so your brand and website covert.

We use our unique process so you:

• Feel a sense of clarity and alignment
• Know you're supported and taken care of
• Access expertise in both marketing and design
• Cultivate warm leads

• Gain high-quality conversions

• Work with excited clients

• Build influence in your industry

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We totally get it, we're entrepreneurs too!

We know how it feels to be overwhelmed by the effort required to run a business. To feel a lack of support, expertise, time or the energy to complete your never-ending to-do list. To know that, because of this, we might be missing out on juicy, high-quality leads. We know how frustrating it is when we feel like we're always a step behind or closing the door to opportunities ...or worse, that we're doing it alone.

We've Been Where You Are

It's why we're so driven to get our clients results, and why we care so much about your success.

Our Values


Use a holistic approach to brand design


provide white glove service

We are not simply a graphic design agency. We approach brand and web design from a holistic perspective. We take a deep-dive into you as founder, your business, your priorities, objectives, goals and vision as whole, not just from the perspective of your brand.

We go beyond simply providing services and are committed to fostering a supportive, warm and inviting collaborative experience. Our intention is to make you feel taken care of and respected when you work with us.



value impact over income

build and engage in our community

We put our focus on creating an impact, getting results that move the needle for our clients and providing high-quality expertise. Because our greatest measure of success is your success.

We're in this business to help our clients survive and thrive as entrepreneurs. We believe that no one should go through business ownership alone. We approach our relationships with our clients that same way as we approach all the relationships in our life: like a two-way partnership.



never stop learning

actively listen

We are committed to lifelong learning. We are constantly evolving, growing and getting better, both in our personal and professional lives as well as in our business. We are committed to undertaking a deeper understanding of our community, diversity and inclusion because we know that we are humans first and service providers second.

We know the first step to learning is to actively listen. We keep healthy lines of communication open with our clients. We ask for continual feedback. We listen to our community, industry and the experts we invest our time and resources into so we are able to bring innovative and nuanced solutions to the problems our clients face.

the strategist and designer behind perfect sundays.

Believe it or not, Perfect Sundays was born as a pivot, passion-project during the pandemic. At the start of 2020, I was a marketing freelancer, working mainly contract projects for travel and tourism clients, and like many others in the industry, I needed a quick exit strategy to stay afloat.

The masked blessing was, I'd always dreamed of starting a branding agency and serving female founders, but I hadn't had the push I needed to make such a giant leap in my career. It was the most scary, yet rewarding transition of my entrepreneurial journey so far, and I'm eternally grateful that I've now supported many female-owned businesses with beautiful brand and web designs.

And while it feels like I was born to do this, I wasn't always entreprenurial. After finishing a degree with a Bachelors in Communications — Public Relations and a minor in Business, I worked in the corporate world supporting some of the largest brands in my home-town of Calgary, Alberta. My time working in larger business environments taught me so much about branding and digital marketing and communications in a way that a purely academic setting never could. The experience I gained in those positions is what has allowed me to provide a high-level of working (and not just theoretical) expertise to my clients.

Perfect Sundays provides female business owners with high-quality, beautiful and totally unique brand and web design template customization.

Feeling confident and truly represented through their brand is something I'd love for every brand founder, solopreneur, micro-business owner and freelancer.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I live in one of the most beautiful areas of the world, right outside of Vancouver, BC in Canada settled on the edge of the Pacific ocean.
  • My husband and I gave up our corporate jobs in 2017, put our entire lives in storage and travelled around Europe before getting married and moving to Vancouver.
  • I once wanted to be a wellness influencer, but that never panned out. Even still, I am very committed to wellness practices and support a lot of wellness clients.
  • I started my education in Microbiology at the University of Alberta with the goal of becoming a doctor.
  • I decided to go into Communications and Business after four years of my science education and realizing the administrative side of the medical profession wasn't for me.
  • I've been involved in three entrepreneurial ventures: a marketing freelance business, a brewery my husband founded and Perfect Sundays.
  • I am truly obsessed with my Golden Retriever x Irish Setter cross, Finnley, who is equal parts goofy, crazy, cuddly and stubborn.
  • I've worked in post-secondary education, oil and gas, non-profit, and children's programming throughout my communications career and public relations career.
  • Testimonials

    Kind Words

    I'm a conversion copywriter who lives deep in the online marketing world.

    Thank you so much for bringing my website and brand to life!

    It's been so great working with you!!!

    "Thank you for all your hard work! I'm so grateful for your services; it's so great working together. You are amazing, so supportive and seriously SO GOOD at what you do. We are super impressed and so excited for what's to come."

    "I LOVE my website and have had nothing but amazing feedback. My brother said he spent 25 minutes going through the whole thing and was really impressed with how it was written as well...Thank you so much for all the hard work and thought you put behind it, you did such a great job on the site, I LOVE it!!!!"

    "To say I'm opinionated about how a website should look and feel is an understatement. And to say I have control issues when it comes to MY website... well that's an even bigger understatement. Nicole listened to my many opinions, and pushed back when she needed to. She also brought brilliant ideas forward. This has resulted in the website I always wanted, but never would have gotten if not for Nicole. If you're looking to rebrand and build a new website, I highly recommend the Perfect Sundays team."


    Deneige McIntyre, Founder of Admired Spaces

    Lisa Pierson, Founder and Conversion Copywriter. The Conversion Copywriter and FastCopy

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